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September 12

Trelise Cooper, Mercedes and Bettjemans Fundraiser

Trelise Cooper joined with Coutts Cars for their annual fund raising fashion show to raise money for the Cure Cancer foundation. Trelise showed her Summer collection to an audience of 300 fashion and car enthusiasts and the show was a huge success. This year the hair styling look was influenced by the latest hair trend from Europe – the pastel bob. Bleach Bars are popping up in fashion areas in the UK and Europe to cope with the increasing demand to have hair completely bleached and toned with a pastel blue, pink or yellow gelato shade. Trelise sent us a box of synthetic wigs and we worked hard on them to straighten, dull, cut, powder and even colour them for the hair styling show.
Trelise opened the show with her Boardroom collection and the hair was very corporate . Sleek and caught to the side in a bun. We then had about 2 minutes to take out the bun and don the wig for the Summer collection.
We had about 18 hairdressers back stage to make sure this was possible. The effect was sensational and a real surprise for the crowd. PHOTOS courtesy of SOPHIE MIYA-SMTH PHOTOGRAPHY









hair-dressers-auckland-bettjemans‘Bettjemans capture the essence of cool glamour – the spirit of your life style.’
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