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September 21

Trelise Cooper at NZ Fashion Week 2012

Bettjemans are proud to be associated with Trelise Cooper at NZ Fashion Week 2012 and work with the models to get that special look required to match the stunning array of clothing coming out on the catwalk.
Trelise Cooper’s spectacular show opened with Cooper by Trelise against a backdrop of hundreds of gold balloons topped off with an LED light show that started on the goody bags and ended on the models.. The popular younger street style label was a mass of colour and beautiful fabrics. Sasha designed the hair for this section, a loose bob shape worn tucked into the clothes. We textured the hair and added soft undone curls.

The second half of the show, which is the Trelise Cooper section, opened with an intricate back drop inspired by the splendor of the Belle Époque era. The atmosphere was of opulence, refinement and modern glamor. A time when elegant ladies promenaded on Brighton Pier in the evening, sashaying their finery. Boardwalk’s lights twinkling around them. The clothes celebrate the grandeur of a bygone era with a modern twist. Fabrics are rich and luscious with lots of sumptuous textures. Velvets, brocades, silks and flocked stripes. Bejewelled collars and cuffs grace beautiful tailored coats and delicate tea dresses.
The challenge for the hair team was to convert the ‘Cooper by Trelise’ hair into the extravagant Edwardian hair up in approximately one minuet per model. We made twenty eight hair pieces attached to an elastic chin strap and with two hairdressers per model we tucked away the Cooper hair and attached the hairpieces and then shrouded the who head in a black veil. Black ostrich feathers were added randomly and the whole look was breath-taking. So if you looking to find a hairdresser in auckland then look no further than Bettjemans hair salon.








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