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October 29

NZARH Editorial Stylist Awards 2012 Winner Announced

Winner 2012 NZARH Editorial Awards

Congratulations to our own Grant Bettjeman for winning the NZARH Editorial Stylist Awards for 2012 which means Grants work will be published on the cover of Headlines Magazine plus Grant will be jetting of to Sydney with a return airfare and VIP pass to Sydney’s Hair Expo. Excellent work and we are very proud of him.

Currently Grant is overseas however we know he will be thrilled to get the news when he picks up his emails.

More News

Bettjemans is getting a makeover, so come on in and see the beginnings of our new and improved salon. We plan to roll out the upgrade over the coming period however it will be business as usual at our hair salon so come on in, we would love to see you. Check out the latest styes and looks from our vibrant team of hair enthusiasts



hair-dressers-auckland-bettjemans‘Bettjemans capture the essence of cool glamour – the spirit of your life style.’
 Phif and Grant Bettjeman

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