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July 19

Long Hairstyles Auckland| Bettjemans hairdressers in Auckland

If long hairstyles are you, then Bettjemans have a team of long hairstyle specialists in their Auckland salon that will deliver you the latest styles, looks and fashion trends.

We have some of New Zealand’s most talented blow wave experts and cutters that will give you that big hair look that is so popular now. Combine that with gorgeous beautiful colours, our permanent blow wave and you will be unstoppable. Easy to maintain and looking like a Goddess all day.

For years Bettjemans have earned awards for hair cutting, hair styling, hair colouring, and our famous permanent blowaves that accompany gorgeous long hairstyles.

Here is the latest word from Grant Bettjeman on what the happening look is with long hairstyles Auckland.

“Long hair is all the rage for women that want that big hair look combined with vibrant Loreal haircolour and our Keratasse permanent blowave treatment. This gives the girl on the go an easily managed goddess look that can be tweaked to suit the occassion. Blowave hair to suit your style or backcomb it thicker to suit your look either way long big hair looks amazing. Perfect for balls, weddings, and those special functions.”

Here is a selection of the latest long hair styles for women performed by the team at Bettjemans Hair Salon. To make a booking for your next styling please contact us.

You might also be interested in some of the looks at the expo we ran recently.

Have a look at some of the styles below so you can get the look you love.

  •  Hair by Bettjemans

    Hair by Bettjemans

  •  Hair by Grant Bettjeman

    Hair by Grant Bettjeman

  •  Hair by Sasha Lenski

    Hair by Sasha Lenski

  •  Hair by Ardita Rakovica

    Hair by Ardita Rakovica

  •  Hair by Lisa Heron

    Hair by Lisa Heron

  •  Hair by Sasha Lenski

    Hair by Sasha Lenski

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