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May 29

Hair Straightening Auckland | Bettjemans Auckland Hairdressers

If you are looking for professional hair straightening in Auckland then look no further than the dynamic team at Bettjemans Hair Salon Auckland. We are specialists in Keratin hair smoothing and chemical permanent hair straightening both of which are designed to make you look like a goddess.

Why do clients get their hair straightened?

The reason varies per client however it is usually to do with the clients hair being of a character that takes alot of time to manage and therefore frustrates the owner. Certain types of hair can get rebellious very quickly when climate conditions change, or when the hair gets wet. Thick hair, frizzy hair, fine or coarse hair, coloured or natural hair all respond well to hair straightening. To see if your hair is suitable for straightening speak to one of our friendly team at our Hair Salon in Auckland.

You can read a personal hair straightening experience from one of the Bettjemans clients here.

The other important reason for getting your hair straightened is the amazing amount of time it gives back to clients. Some clients have reported as much as 40-50 minutes of free time each morning when preparing their hair for the day ahead. Having your hair straightened means less time in the bathroom getting ready and no more hard to manage rebellious hair when that rain shower comes over. It is unanimous though that all our hair straightening clients enjoy more free time in the mornings before heading off to tackle the day. Hair straightening in Auckland is popular and very effective.

We also stock the best hair straightening irons available in New Zealand available from our salon. The famous GHD brand has just released their “Breast Cancer” edition where $20 of every sale goes to breast cancer research. GHD irons are the miracle tool to create curls,waves and of course immaculately groomed smooth straight hair.

The new iron on the block are the Cloud Nine irons now available in New Zealand. Their point of difference is that they have a temperature control on them. This new innovation allows you to select the right temperature for your hair type. We have found over time that Cloud Nine irons look after the condition of your hair because they generate less heat.

Hot tip about using hair straightening irons. Fine coloured hair responds better to slightly lower temperatures than thick courser hair.

For wonderful goddess like hair look no further than Hair straightening Auckland. Bettjemans hair Salon Auckland.

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