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May 11

Hair Extensions Auckland | Balmainia Fever!!

Balmania is taking the world by storm with the likes of Rihanna, Beyonce, Kate Moss and many more being photographed regularly looking stunning thanks to their latest Balmain hair extension styles. Paula Abdul is probably the most well known Balmain Hair Extension client and is regularly seen in advertisements promoting how easy the system is and how much she enjoys the look of it.

Bettjemans are proud to be appointed the Balmain Hair Extensions provider in Auckland. If you are looking for that celebrity voluminous long hair look with the most affordable and fastest method of application then give one of the team a ring at Bettjemans. We use a special hair extension technique for the application which means less time in the salon and more time enjoying your new look.

Many women put up with problematic hair conditions such as thin hair, fine ends and other frustrating challenges. For these ladies having voluminous hair that is shiny and goddess like seems totally out of reach. With Bettjemans talented hair stylists and Balmain hair extensions this beautiful big hair look is now within your grasp.It is not only women with fine hair that love the hair extensions. Many clients just enjoy the bigger longer hair look and use hair extensions to do this. The Balmain hair extension system is famous worldwide and very popular in Auckland. The video below shows a typical application and as shown it is very fast and very effective.

  • Before Balmain Hair extensions
  • After Balmain Hair extensions
  • Paula Abdul wearing Balmain hair extensions

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