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March 3

Grant Bettjeman inducted into the Industry Hall of Fame

In March 2015 Grant Bettjeman was inducted into the Industry Hall of Fame.

‘The Hall of Fame is ultimate peer recognition, awarded to the person who has made an outstanding contribution to the New Zealand hairdressing industry throughout his or her career.

This person would have worked tirelessly across all areas of the hairdressing industry over the years.  This person would have contributed greatly to our industry and be held in high regard by his or her peers, showing greatness as a mentor, leader,  educator and would have shown best business practise over the years.  

This person is someone who gives back to the industry as a whole, not only within the business they own.’ – Sara Allsop, Industry


  • Grant and Phif after the Industry Awards event at the ilton Hotel.


hair-dressers-auckland-bettjemans‘Bettjemans capture the essence of cool glamour – the spirit of your life style.’
 Phif and Grant Bettjeman

 09 522 8030