Bettjemans is delighted to present the Cutting Club.

The Cutting Club introduces our young creative talent; stylists to a whole new generation of clients. Their looks are fresh, very current and have a vibrant street appeal combined with the exceptional quality for which Bettjemans is so well known. The ‘Cutting Club’ price point is affordable without compromising on quality.

To join: Phone Bettjemans for an appointment 09 522 8030

Check out the Cutting Club price menu:
Ladies cut $98.00
Mens cut $58.00
Children up to and including 12 years of age $58.00
[Children’s Blow wave additional $22]

The Cutting Club’s Stylist Ondrea Charles : “I love cutting. I love designing the colour to enhance my cut. My work is based on a solid foundation of precision which I turn into a young undone feeling. My clients love it!”

The Cutting Club’s Stylist Louise Yockney : “Twelve years of experience with hair has given me an instinctual feeling for what is the perfect look for my client, whether it’s colour or shape. I’m passionate about making my clients feel special.”


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hair-dressers-auckland-bettjemans‘Bettjemans capture the essence of cool glamour – the spirit of your life style.’
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