About Us

Grant and Phif Bettjeman opened Bettjemans after returning from Siena, Italy, where they had worked in one of Tuscany’s premier hair salons. In Italy, they were inspired by the European obsession of style over trend, and on their return, they introduced the gorgeous Italian blow wave technique to their delighted Bettjemans clientele.

Bettjemans are known for their glamorous red-carpet blow waves and the exquisite finishing of their work; which again has more affinity with European glamour than British trends.

GrantVerve_01Unique to Bettjemans is the Permanent Blow Wave – a revolutionary new hair treatment which smooths hair, repairs damage and adds incredible shine to dull and dry hair. It also takes bulk out of unmanageable and rebellious hair.

Bettjemans Kérastase Hair Spa, attached to the salon, was a first for New Zealand; a unique and luxurious private salon where clients can recharge while they indulge in the luxury of advanced hair treatments.

The Cutting Club: where Bettjemans newly qualified stylists begin their journey as stylists, is hugely popular with their younger price-conscious clients. They experience the Cutting Club’s fresh, vibrant street appeal, combined with the exceptional quality that Bettjemans is so well known for.

Bettjemans is synonymous with service excellence – they pride themselves in making their clients look and feel fabulous.

The Team

  • Grant Bettjeman
  • Sasha Lenski
  • Amber Evans
  • Lisa Heron
  • Hanna Latimer
  • Willie Pangemanan
  • Stephanie Winter
  • Petrina Poe
  • Jason Palmer
  • Sabine David

The Cutting Club

  • Mitch Wilson

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hair-dressers-auckland-bettjemans‘Bettjemans capture the essence of cool glamour – the spirit of your life style.’
 Phif and Grant Bettjeman

 09 522 8030